Remote maintenance for heating systems

A reliable heat supply requires efficient heating systems, functioning hydraulics, and intact pressure maintenance. To simplify maintenance in the event of a malfunction and to enable convenient remote access, Reflex Winkelmann has developed the Reflex Control Remote IoT solution together with Device Insight. All details can be found in our case study.
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Case Study Reflex Winkelmann
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In our case study:

Fernwartung Heizungsanlagen Reflex
Reflex' small vessels for heating, solar and cooling water systems are the most widely used in the world.


Remote access with IoT

Alert in the event of a fault

Lower failure rates

More efficient utilization

Remote diagnostic work

Reduced maintenance effort

"We’re networking Reflex Winkelmann’s products using the CENTERSIGHT IoT platform to allow customers worldwide to benefit from the resulting synergies. The scope of CENTERSIGHT matched the project plan. The hardware was compatible and the required Ethernet or wireless connections were supported."
Tobias Wolff
Product Manager Systems Engineering, Reflex Winkelmann
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Use smart maintenance?

Do you also want to have your supply systems maintained remotely? The SaaS solution implemented by Reflex Winkelmann might inspire you. See for yourself.

Mockup Reflex EN 800x400
Case Study Reflex Winkelmann
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