4 reasons for IoT in machine tool manufacturing

Are you also under pressure to set up a successful digitization strategy for your machine tools? Are you looking for a way to achieve greater efficiency, lower costs, and a sustainable basis for new business models? In our whitepaper, we show you how to achieve your goals with the right IoT solution and what you can learn from the pioneers in comparable industries.
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Whitepaper "4 reasons for IoT in machine tool manufacturing"
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In our whitepaper:
Machine tool facturing_75 percent

With the right IoT solution, mechanical engineers can radically reduce their maintenance efforts.


Why you too should take the leap to IoT

Increase efficiency with condition monitoring
Avoiding failures through predictive maintenance
Reduce operating costs through remote service
New digital business models
Use case

Fineblanking and forming technologies of Swiss company Feintool are primarily used in the automotive industry. For example, one press for clutch components produces around 100 million components per year. To reduce press downtime to a minimum and to arrange maintenance via remote service, Feintool was looking for a suitable IoT solution.


The solution was the web-based monitoring and analysis platform FEINmonitoring, set up and made live by Device Insight within a few months. Feintool’s service technicians can now access the tool worldwide, view data and manage machines remotely. Tiresome inspection patrols are now a thing of the past. Damage is detected and repaired at an early stage, before any failure occurs.

"It is important to choose an IoT solution that fits your requirements. The technology must be precisely tailored to your application because there is no “one size fits all” solution for IoT. Your IoT provider should also be familiar with the market and industry requirements in machine tool manufacturing and be able to contribute concrete experience from previous projects."
Marten Schirge
Managing Director, Device Insight
Cost drivers in machine tool facturing

Mechanical engineering change

Machine tool manufacturers are under increasing pressure: Machines must be utilized even more efficiently, downtime must be avoided, material flow must be optimized, and administrative order processing must be automated. Add to this the ongoing task of reducing operating costs and increasing production efficiency. Now for the good news: This can all be implemented with the right IoT software solution. 75% less maintenance, 30% less downtime – all this is possible, as we show you in our whitepaper, complete with customer examples.

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Find out now which challenges machine tool manufacturers have successfully overcome with the help of IoT. See at a glance which advantages you can use for yourself.

Mockup Machine Tool Manufacturing EN 800x400
Whitepaper "4 reasons for IoT in machine tool manufacturing"
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