Narrowband IoT for smart products

Mobile communications standard Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) combines several advantages, first and foremost low costs, high scalability, and strong building penetration. This opens completely new possibilities for companies – for greater process efficiency, new services, and business models, and in return, new revenue potential. All insights and a concrete practical example can be found in our whitepaper.
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Whitepaper "Narrowband IoT for smart products"
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In our whitepaper:

Narrowband IoT_Connected devices

From 35 billion devices today, the number of networked devices will grow to more than 75 billion by 2025.*


Narrowband IoT benefits

Low cost

NB-IoT works with very small amounts of data using low amounts of energy. Battery runtimes of more than 10 years are possible.

Low complexity:

With pre-installed SIM cards, Narrowband IoT enables intuitive plug-and-play applications.

High scalability:

Low costs per networked device coupled with reduced complexity provide high scalability, even internationally.

Strong coverage:

High building penetration makes NB-IoT the ideal transmission standard for use cases inside buildings.

Security and reliability:

Unlike other LPWA networks, NB-IoT has all the security and privacy features of cellular networks, including strong transmission quality.

Narrowband IoT Dashboard

NB-IoT in practice

Stiegelmeyer, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hospital and care beds, has also recognized the potential that lies in the networking of its products. In collaboration with grandcentrix and Device Insight, it has developed a digital out-of-bed system based on Narrowband IoT. This relieves the nursing staff and significantly improves safety and comfort for residents and patients.


Out-of-bed system by Stiegelmeyer

When a patient at risk of falling gets out of bed, the NB-IoT solution notifies caregivers via push message to smartphone and dashboard – customized by time of day, health status and patient mobility. In addition, the solution offers transparent condition monitoring of all bed status data, simplified weight recording and intuitive handling.

Narrowband IoT Out-of-Bed system Stiegelmeyer
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Get going with plug-and-play?

Learn how you too can network your products quickly and cost-effectively based on Narrowband IoT.

Mockup Narrowband IoT EN 800x400
Whitepaper "Narrowband IoT for smart products"
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