IoT-supported energy optimization for industry & buildings

Would you like to systematically increase energy efficiency in your production and reduce energy consumption in the long term? Do you want to conserve resources and implement your own power generation wisely? Has your company actually committed itself to producing in a climate-friendly and intelligent way? If so, there is no way around Smart Energy IoT Solutions for you.

Our Smart Energy Solutions work with smart algorithms and help to record energy consumption centrally and evaluate energy-relevant data and correlations to make predictions and recommendations. These are cloud-based energy optimization systems available as ready-to-use solutions or for integration into your power generation and control systems via interfaces.

The result: better planning and control, as well as overall more efficient and profitable energy management for your plant.

Smart Energy


Your advantages with Smart Energy Solutions

Complete transparency

All energy consumption of production (machine data) & buildings (heating-cooling-ventilation) recorded centrally and clearly displayed.

Analysis & Forecasting

Asset-specific correlations are evaluated (correlated with electricity price, weather, and power generation data) to provide recommendations & forecasts.

Higher energy efficiency

The planning and control of a production facility's infrastructure is optimized holistically – for example, to avoid peak loads.

Smart energy storage

Energy storage systems are utilized optimally and with foresight. Generating your own electricity becomes more efficient and profitable.

Less energy costs

Energy consumption is reduced. This also reduces electricity and energy costs

Use case



A leading German car manufacturer has set itself the goal of producing its vehicles with 40% lower energy consumption by 2030. A model site is used to pilot how a smart energy solution can be used to implement intelligent energy supply and control. Here, it is important to explore the possibilities for peak shifting and storage control as well as to make use of atypical phases with a view to energy costs, consumption, and self-generation.


The Energy Optimizer Solution developed by Device Insight enables IoT-based collection and analysis of energy and machine data, combined with external data sources such as weather and electricity price forecasts. The results are projections and recommendations for smart energy management, clearly visualized in the dashboard or also transmitted directly to machines and systems. In this way, both better planning and rapid countermeasures for flexible, consumption- and CO2-relevant parameters can be achieved – entirely in the spirit of Smart Energy.


Why you should get to know our Smart Energy Solutions

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Our Features for Smart Energy

Data Management
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Degrees of freedom configuration

Smart Optimizer Algorithms

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