Your path to a successful IoT business model

Business Model Innovation

Looking to get started with the Internet of Things? Would you like to realign your business and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization? Already have a concrete idea, but don’t know how to realize it successfully?

Promising IoT projects often fail before they are even implemented. Or even worse: IoT plans are realized even though they have no prospect of success.

Turning ideas into real innovations

To ensure that this does not happen to you, with our 360° Consulting we accompany you step by step. Together, we develop a sustainable and innovative IoT business model and accompany you from the idea to its successful implementation.

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Guide "IoT Business Model Innovation"
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Our approach

Success principles of business model design

Customer focus

New business ideas must inspire customers, otherwise they are innovations without a market. When developing an IoT business model, it is important to think from the customer's perspective and incorporate feedback from the target group right from the start.

Short learning cycles

Waiting for years before bringing an innovation to the market does not lead anywhere. We rely on conducting tests in short cycles in order to gain the necessary knowledge of the target market piece by piece. The motto is “think big, start small, learn fast”.

Thinking by doing

Business ideas cannot be further developed and validated without trial and error and testing. Ideas should therefore be tested as early as possible in prototype form under real conditions. An IoT business model should only be widely deployed once proof of concept can be provided.

Facts before opinions

Merely believing in the success of an idea is not enough. That's why we assess business models based on data and facts, for example, assessing the future market situation, evaluating customer behavior and classifying test results.

How we work

Business model innovation process

Business Design - IoT business model
01 Setup
02 Discover
03 Design
04 Validate
05 Decide
IoT Innovation Days
Kick starter for your IoT business model

During a 2-day workshop, we will work with you to create the setup for rapid realization of your IoT business model. We highlight opportunities and areas of innovation, answer key questions and put ideas to the test, protecting you from avoidable mistakes and creating a clear roadmap on the way to a successful roll-out.

Let's talk.

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