IoT’s Lego principle


We see our IoT solutions as enablers for new, innovative business models and as the long-term basis for your digital roadmap.

The prerequisite is an IoT framework that allows fast, cost-effective implementation of initial IoT use cases that can, at the same time, be scaled flexibly and easily to new conditions. This is because an IoT solution’s requirements are dynamic, and functionalities must be tailored to the user and the needs of the market time and time again.

Following the Lego principle, we combine the best of both worlds for this: Ready-to-use IoT building blocks from CENTERSIGHT scale paired with native integration in Microsoft Azure.


Your advantages with CENTERSIGHT scale


CENTERSIGHT scale's ready-to-use IoT components combined with native integration in Microsoft Azure allow you to implement initial IoT use cases quickly within a matter of weeks.

Flexibility and openness

New functionalities and features can easily be added. The IoT solution continues to grow with your individual requirements, without the functional limitation of a predefined SaaS solution.

Data sovereignty

CENTERSIGHT scale is provided in a flexible subscription model. This guarantees you full sovereignty over your data and offers you the possibility to operate your IoT solution with complete independence.

User focus

CENTERSIGHT scale’s IoT building blocks can be individually adapted to your use case and the needs of your users – true user focus instead of feature overload.

Basis for real innovation

CENTERSIGHT scale delivers the basis for your long-term digital roadmap and new digital business models.



We link services provided through Microsoft Azure to CENTERSIGHT scale’s ready-to-use application framework, meaning you don’t have to start from scratch and are able to realize a fast time-to-market of your IoT projects. By combining individual IoT building blocks into a solution that is individually tailored to you, we achieve the openness, flexibility, and scalability necessary – including your requirements of tomorrow and the future.

CENTERSIGHT scale architecture


The IoT solution at a glance

Ready-to-use UI framework


Trend analyses

Fleet management

Multidimensional master data management and modeling

Role and rights management

"Together with our partner Device Insight, we succeeded in building an IoT solution ideally suited to our requirements within a very short time. The combination of Azure Cloud Services and Device Insight‘s IoT building blocks creates the foundation for a high-performance, flexible, and scalable IoT solution with tremendous business value.
Moritz Futterer
Head of Product Management and Product Marketing, RAFI


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