Proof of Concept vs. Proof of Value:
Technical feasibility and business value

Proof of value

On the way to a successful IoT project, the technical feasibility of the idea, the Proof of Concept, must be ensured on the one hand. However, the Proof of Value is even more important. Just because an IoT use case can be realized technically does not automatically mean that your company will also derive economic value from it. 

This makes it all the more important to validate technical feasibility and business value as early as possible.

To help you achieve your IoT goals

Together with you, we quantify the business value of your IoT project as part of a business impact analysis. Based on clearly defined KPIs and milestones, Proof of Concept and Proof of Value are then tested within a few weeks using initial prototypes. Only what proves successful will be implemented. 

Our approach

Prototyping and validation

With our ready-made IoT building blocks and blueprints, we are able to develop Proof of Concepts within a very short time, which also allow direct access for your end customers. This gives you valuable user feedback and a quick Proof of Value for your use case.

Business impact analysis
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Martin Dimmler
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