Predictive Maintenance - thanks to smart algorithms

Predictive Maintenance

Detect when your machine fails – before it fails

Malfunctions of machines, time-consuming maintenance and related production inefficiency pose major challenges to companies, making it all the more important that these production processes are able to function quickly, precisely, and undisturbed.

With the help of Predictive Maintenance, you are able to increase the availability and productivity of your equipment and systems and protect yourself from unnecessary costs for operation, maintenance, and repair. Based on experience rules, statistical methods or smart algorithms, failures or wear can be predicted, maintenance can be planned with pinpoint accuracy and processes can be automated.


Your advantages through Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance as required

The maintenance of your machines and systems is no longer carried out according to fixed maintenance intervals but based on actual usage data – precisely and only when truly necessary.

Failure avoidance

Thanks to Predictive Maintenance, damage can be predicted accurately and repaired before your machine breaks down.

Higher production efficiency

With Predictive Maintenance, you not only protect yourself from expensive downtimes in your production, by analyzing the collected data you can also improve the performance of your machines and achieve higher productivity.

Use cases


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