Mobility is changing rapidly

The term Connected Vehicles covers the wide range of vehicles and devices that are administered as part of a fleet and become smart thanks to IoT. These include classic service and transport vehicles, municipal fleets for public transport, refuse collection or fire departments, but also equipment fleets (example: Kärcher) or construction machinery in building construction and civil engineering.

The requirements that modern fleet management must meet are as varied as the vehicles and industries in which they are used. Fleet operators are looking for ways to reduce costs, utilize vehicles more efficiently and achieve sustainability goals faster. Drivers, in turn, expect more convenience in self-managing their journeys.

The answer to all these needs: Connected Car. Thanks to integrated IoT-based solutions and services, you have full control over your fleet, confidently and future proof.

Connected Car Fire Truck

Advantages of Connected Car

More transparency

All necessary data on the device or vehicle as well as usage behavior are recorded in real time and displayed in a compact form.

Better utilization

Real-time insight into a device’s or vehicle’s status and position allows effective and fast fleet management remotely.

Lower costs

Efficient management and proactive maintenance result in less downtime and increase the availability of your equipment and vehicles.

Greater security

A Driver Score encourages more economical driving, increasing safety for driver and vehicle alike.

Use cases
"Thanks to Device Insight, we were able to design our Connected Car solution to our exact specifications and fully deploy the MIND smartbox in just 12 months. On the one hand, Device Insight‘s flexible IoT framework covers numerous requirements by default, enabling a very fast time-to-market, and on the other hand, the strong development teams from Munich were able to implement customer-specific wishes in a confident and agile manner."
Peter Verhoeven,
ICT Architect, MIND

Our Connected Car features

Fleet management
Onboarding of heterogeneous fleets
Digital Twin
Digital logbook
Driver Score
Proactive maintenance
Condition monitoring & alerting
Repair & maintenance appointments via app
Smart fleet management

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