Taking off into a new product age

Any product can become smart, be it heating systems, cleaning devices or coffee vending machines – smart, connected products allow the permanent exchange of data between product, company and end customer. The two-way flow of information not only increases service quality, but above all accelerates the new and further development of products and services.

Improve the service of your product range and link your portfolio with the latest R&D findings. Thanks to Device Insight’s flexible and cost-optimized IoT framework, you can now focus on forward-looking business models, letting us take care of the custom-fit IoT solution for your smart products.

Create a strong differentiator for your business with smart products and services.

Fleet Management Kärcher

Your advantages with Smart Products

Integration into
IoT ecosystems

Example: A heating system can be controlled more efficiently by automatically adapting to current environmental conditions using a combination of location, weather data and smart algorithms.

business models
Use cases

How do others benefit?

Examples of industry application
Smart Coffee from the vending machine
How Costa Express has succeeded in offering premium coffee from smart vending machines. Including contactless ordering and smart vending.
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Optimize equipment fleets
To improve productivity, utilization and maintenance of its cleaning equipment, Kärcher relies on our IoT solution “Kärcher Fleet”.
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Networked building heating
A well-known provider of heating technology monitors and visualizes operating data of heating systems with our IoT solution. Service technicians can intervene remotely while end customers can control individually via an app.
Remote controlled auxiliary heating in the car
A global automotive supplier uses an IoT solution developed by Device Insight to parameterize and control auxiliary heating in cars via mobile phone and app.
Digital out-of-bed system
Stiegelmeyer relies on our Narrowband IoT solution for its hospital and care beds. More safety and comfort for patients.
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Smart door systems
An innovative industrial door systems provider is taking an IoT-based approach from Device Insight to optimize its value chain, reduce costs and increase customer value.
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"With Device Insight as our IoT partner, we have connected all of Costa Express' coffee vending machines in our global digitalization project. As are result, we succeeded in making the most diverse functionalities such as commissioning, monitoring and remote control smart in just one step."
Paul Borrett
Systems and Data Director, Costa Express

Our IoT framework for Smart Products

Thanks to our flexible IoT solution stack, devices of all types can be networked together. Versatile “ready to use” applications, the agile adaptability to new requirements as well as a fast time-to-market make our framework the ideal basis for IoT solutions in the field of Smart Products.

Everything networked
Ready-to-use functions
Data processing
IoT ecosystems
Smart Coffee Mockup
Coffee to go becomes smart

Lower costs, new sales and greater proximity to the customer. Learn now how a smart IoT solution is revolutionizing Costa Express’ business model.

Smart Coffee Mockup
Case study Costa Express
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