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“The IoT is in a constant evolution and our customers are driving ambitious, complex IoT projects. That’s why at Device Insight we focus on partnership and technical expertise to develop tailormade future-ready solutions that help drive business results. In the same spritit, our IoT consulting offering helps customers to move along the IoT journey. Join our community and get the IoT you need to unleash the full potential of advanced data analytics and AI in IoT.”

Martin Dimmler, Head of Consulting

Martin Dimmler, Leiter Consulting bei Device Insight.
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Future-proof your business with IoT consulting

Speed up projects with IoT consulting

Future-ready: IoT strategy & use case design

Technical deep-dive: IoT archiceture expert check

Device Insight Expertise

"The IoT & Data experts at Device Insight draw on 20 years of project and implementation experience as we work across many domains and industries. This includes Smart Production, Smart Products, Smart Energy and Smart Vehicles as well as cross-cutting topics. For example, we develop scenarios for Predictive Maintainance and IoT Advanced Data Analytics. In addition, the teams maintain a broad spectrum of methods and technologies, which we always keep up to date. This allows us to take into account best practices and industry standards as well as our customers' framework conditions when implementing projects."

Workshop Catalogue

Consulting Packages and Workshops

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IoT Solution & Architecture Review

Modernize existing IOT solutions

Do you already have an IoT solution, but can't manage to scale it? Are operating costs rising as a result or is a vendor lock-in blocking your IT strategy? Then we can look at your solution through the eyes of experienced architects. First, with our systematic 5x5 IoT solution review, we consider architecture- and technology-relevant criteria incl. operation and costs in order to then identify starting points. For example, are goals being implemented efficiently(!) and where is unused potential in the cloud?

Focus: Modernize existing solutions, technical due diligence
Time: 4-6 Weeks (5 Sessions)

Digital Innovation mit IoT umsetzen

Digital Innovation Days

Igniting IoT & data analytics use cases

In the first step, we jointly develop initial approaches to your digitization strategy and examine innovative use cases at the interfaces of IoT, digitization and data analytics. We then present technology trends, introduce proven use cases and discuss these in line with insights into market trends and companions. Throughout the workshop journey, we support your discussions identifying issues your end customers may face, deriving digitization initiatives that support your business strategy.

Focus: Innovation sparks for IoT use cases und data analytics
Time: 2 Weeks (1-2 Sessions)

Solution Envisioning Workshop, Experte evaluiert neue IoT Use Cases

Solution Envisioning Workshop

Technically outline new digitization projects

Do you know where you want to go and need expertise to take the first steps towards implementation? Then Device Insight's team of experts can help develop your IoT and analytics use cases. We evaluate technical feasibility by delineating broad solution spaces, resulting in modern and lean concepts. This way, you benefit from over 20 years of industry knowledge, cloud expertise and implementation experience.

Focus: Modernize existing solutions
Time: 3 Weeks (3 Sessions)

Beratung zu IT/OT Shopfloor Digitalisierung, vernetzte Anlage

IT/OT Architecture Assessment

Getting Connected Factories Ready for the Future

Together we analyze your project, highlight the maturity of the existing IT/OT landscape and outline the necessary implementation across 5 different layers. As a result, you receive a solution concept with recommendations for action that is in line with modern and hybrid edge/cloud architectures and is based on future-proof data analytics technologies. The concept can then be implemented in a proof-of-concept.

Fokus: Connected Factory - Shopfloor Digitization
Time: 4-6 Weeks (5 Sessions)

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Martin Dimmler
Martin Dimmler
Head of Consulting
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