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Condition Monitoring Dashboard

The greater the number of machines, systems and devices, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of them all. What is my machine’s status? Where was a threshold exceeded and how can the problem be fixed?

Intelligent condition monitoring and alerting can provide you with this information at a glance. Our IoT framework gives you the building blocks you need to configure monitoring rules and integrate them into your system landscape quickly and easily. If incidents accumulate or threshold values are exceeded, alarms are automatically triggered.

The result: Service and maintenance are only carried out when truly necessary. Failures and downtimes of your machines are significantly reduced, and overall productivity is increased.


Advantages of Condition Monitoring

More transparency
Fewer failures
Increased operational efficiency
Use Cases
"We are now able to monitor fineblanking press machine status across the globe. We can compare them, recognize patterns, generate alerts and can send these directly to the right address, for example, maintenance. We are therefore able to provide the customer with continuous support, all the while increasing a plant’s output."
Marc Schneeberger
Head of Global Service, Feintool

Our Alert Engine

The real added value of an alert only emerges when data analysis and the triggering of alerts, alert management and meaningful actions are linked together. With our Alert Engine, we are able to deliver a holistic solution concept that can be adapted to your individual operational processes.

Alert Detection
Alert Management

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Peter Hofstetter
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