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We advise, program, and implement our customers’ projects in MVPs and finished applications. Simply executing requirements blindly? Not our style. Instead, we always think one step ahead and strive to create first-class and sustainable digital solutions.

For this, we use a wide range of methods and technologies, languages, and frameworks. Something missing? We decide together if a new technology should complement our stack and continue to learn more.


Java Script

Type Script






Spring Boot

That's what our colleagues say:

Already during my computer science studies I worked as a working student for Java development at Device Insight. I like to walk down unknown paths - and in software engineering at Device Insight I have the chance to do so.
Teamlead Software Development
Being a software developer, it never gets boring in our delivery. Every customer has his own vision of what problems he wants to solve with our software, and I enjoy working out creative solutions together with my colleagues.
Software Engineer
Exciting projects, new challenges and a great team spirit - that's how I feel about Device Insight. A new technology that no one is familiar with? No problem. We decide as a team when we want to learn something new, so everyone is keen to get involved.
Software Engineer
Despite joining Device Insight during the pandemic, I felt immediately integrated. I was quickly given a lot of responsibility, but also the freedom I needed. I particularly appreciate the fact that we all meet as equals and that every single opinion matters.
Head of Projects
What I really like about Device Insight is the freedom to solve challenging technical problems with my own ideas - and to do so in many exciting customer projects. The working atmosphere is great. You can feel the openness, helpfulness and passion that is so typical of Device Insight employees at every turn.
Software Engineer
I was already enthusiastic about Device Insight as a dual student. Here, I was able to deepen my theoretical knowledge and explore new technologies at the same time. I quickly worked like a normal developer. And I was also fully involved in the collaboration with customers.
Software Engineer
I joined Device Insight because of the future of IoT. But I also wanted to work for a medium-sized company in order to enjoy the freedom that comes with being away from corporate structures. If you enjoy projects with a very modern stack and a cool team, this is the perfect place for you.
Head of Product Development

What defines us:
The values we live by

People at the center

At Device Insight, people are more than just employees and our customers are more than just users. We place great importance on good interaction, mutual helpfulness, and open doors and ears – both for our colleagues and for the needs of our customers.


We trust that every team member at Device Insight gives their best. We share our knowledge, learn together from our mistakes, and help each other to improve a little every day.


We have the courage to take a different path and try out new things. We create new ideas and challenge the status quo. We inspire each other to bring the best ideas and solutions to life.

Team spirit

We are team players and help each other to master the daily challenges together. We live for communication at eye level, openness, and helpfulness.

Technical virtuosity

We challenge ourselves to find the best solutions, drawing on the years of experience of our colleagues. Our curiosity ensures that we are always at the forefront of trying out and implementing new technologies and methods.

Joy, fun, and humor

Joy, fun, and humor at work are the foundations for good collaboration, creativity, and thus innovation – regardless of the area. We laugh a lot – and sometimes loudly!

Your personal connection to us

Our People & Culture Business Partners are happy to answer all your questions about starting your career at Device Insight.

Das People & Culture Team bei Device Insight

Stephanie Hömberg-Watzka, Jannika Remmers, Clara Schmid

Got any questions?
You can always contact us with your questions. But you might find the right answer here.

The advertised positions are generally to be filled as soon as possible – of course considering your notice period.

If you’re applying proactively, a cover letter helps us understand which areas you’re interested in and in which direction you want to develop. For direct applications to an advertised position, your CV is crucial. If you’re a developer, we’re particularly interested in your projects (if available). For instance, just share your GitHub / GitLab / Bitbucket account with us!

For any questions about your application, you can reach out to the People & Culture team by email or phone. They will support you throughout the entire process and are happy to help with any questions or concerns.