Smart vending machines open up new sales and business models

The COVID-19 pandemic has skyrocketed the demand for contactless commerce, energizing the vending machine industry with fresh momentum. Today, whether they’re nestled in bustling shopping centers, stationed at busy train stops, or conveniently placed in office areas, vending machines are still on the rise. Their 24/7 availability has won over consumers, especially with the advent of easy digital payments through smartphones or smartwatches.

For manufacturers and operators, these smart vending solutions are not just about staying ahead; they’re about paving the way for innovative business models while navigating the challenges of tomorrow. The engineering teams at Device Insight can quickly develop digital solutions for your machines using the CENTERSIGHT scale Enablement Framework or create applications that are fully tailored to your needs.

Scalability and control are key to the success of Smart Vending

While mobile paying features at your farmers’ egg & cheese vending machine charms the locals, for global operators managing fleets worldwide, these elements are pivotal for success and efficiency. It’s about smart connectivity extending in every direction, inclusive of ERP and CRM systems. Keeping tabs on location, technical incidents, stock levels, and more, becomes essential. After all, only vending machines in perfect condition generate revenue. Moreover, as customer expectations around the buying experience soar, they seek not just quality but also intuitive machine usability and an always-tailored product mix.

Smart Vending captures the full potential of digital transformation, seamlessly fitting into omnichannel strategies.

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Smart Vending: Transforming Everyday Transactions

costs down
revenue streams
Enhancing customer
engagement & satisfaction
Use Case

Costa Express: Smart Coffee


As part of its omnichannel strategy, Costa Express has set a goal to offer coffee specialties of the same premium quality as found in Costa Coffee stores, but through high-quality coffee vending machines. This vending concept aims to provide customers with a variety of 250 “coffee to go” combinations, selectable via touchscreen or mobile app.


The software engineering team at Device Insight has engineered a scalable digital platform that harnesses the full power of the Internet of Things (IoT). This innovation connects coffee vending machines globally, offering transparent access to both machine performance and sales data. With smart condition monitoring and alert systems, technical issues are swiftly pinpointed and rectified, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless service experience. Moreover, this IoT solution empowers operators to deploy integrated marketing campaigns directly on the machines’ displays, serving as a foundation for a wide array of future digital services.

"The digital solution developed by Device Insight has future-proofed our vending strategy and has become a cornerstone of our growth in recent years. It quickly evolved into a fundamental tool for our daily operations. Thanks to the new features, we've been able to increase the availability of Costa Express coffee machines and significantly reduce the costs for service and maintenance. The transparency provided by the IoT platform about machine and sales data worldwide enables us to conduct targeted analyses and gain valuable insights into the success of our products."
Paul Borrett
Systems and Data Director at Costa Express

Key Features for Smart Vending Success

Easy onboarding
and remote configuration
Condition monitoring
and alerting
fleet management
Digital display
Mobile app
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