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Software Development

Every digitization project is different and is characterized by very specific, individual requirements. At the same time, an IoT solution must be flexible and always adaptable to changing requirements, even in the long term.

Based on our IoT framework, we deliver customized software solutions. We use ready-made IoT building blocks and native integration in Microsoft Azure for this purpose, where it makes sense and is possible.

The result: Fast time-to-market, openness and flexibility, and true user focus instead of feature overload.

Our IoT software specialists from Requirements Engineering, Development, Quality Assurance and Project Management work hand in hand to turn your IoT vision into reality in an agile setup.

Our approach

End-to-End Agile Development

Agile Implementation
Project Management
Enterprise Integration


Your (r)evolutionary IoT solution based on the Lego principle: Thanks to CENTERSIGHT scale, we are able to combine ready-to-use IoT building blocks and system integration to create a customized solution for you – fast, flexible and scalable.

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