Beyond the impossible: Data Analytics in manufacturing

Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise is the ambition of every organization. Yet, for those in the manufacturing sector, the journey towards this goal is challenging. Companies are tasked with breaking down data silos, navigating the complexities of governance and security, all while managing costs effectively. The key to success lies in leveraging Data Intelligence solutions, coupled with Lakehouse-based architectures. Wondering how this looks like in practice? Learn more using the example of four solution scenarios from our projects.

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Whitepaper: Data Analytics in Manufacturing
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Change as an opportunity: Migrate your IoT platform

Are you unhappy with your IoT platform – or is it being discontinued? Many tech giants are currently retiring their IoT products, and businesses need to rethink their IoT solutions. This is a good time to free yourself from the shortcomings of previous IoT platforms and move to a future-proof cloud solution. With 5 real-world examples, we show you how to make an IoT platform migration effortless. Get inspired.

Whitepaper Smart Energy
Expert Paper "IoT Platform Discontiued? 5 Use Cases for Successul Migration"
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Smart energy management with IoT software

How the innovative link between machine & energy data optimizes energy control for industry and buildings? In a holistic, predictive and cost-saving way. Thanks to our IoT-based Smart Energy solutions and Optimizer algorithms. See automotive as an example. Learn more in our solution paper.

Whitepaper Smart Energy
Solution Paper "Smart Energy for Industry & Buildings"
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