Cloud service for Smart Farming

Today's farmer works digitally. Smart Farming’s goal sees modern order data management promoting the planning and automation of daily work processes as well as making the use of working time, fertilizer, and agricultural machinery more efficient. For this, AGCO Fendt uses Device Insight's independent cloud service. Read more in our case study.
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Case Study AGCO Fendt
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In our case study:
Smart Farming
AGCO Fendt relies on a mix of future-oriented Smart Farming solutions.

Modern data management in farming

Device and order data management
Networking of agricultural machinery to documentation systems
Clear data visualization
Reliable data exchange
position detection
"In collaboration with Device Insight, we were able to set up our job data management exactly the way we envisioned it. The system guarantees seamless data transfer between our agricultural machines and the farmer’s PC software. Our customers’ response to features such as streamlined options for applying inputs in an optimized fashion, working documentation, and the transmission of waylines and field boundaries for lane guidance, have been overwhelmingly positive."
Christian Zecha
Global Product Manager, AGCO Fendt
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Farming 2.0

How AGCO Fendt is using the Internet of Things to bring intelligence to its agricultural equipment and processes.

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Case Study AGCO Fendt
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