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Nearly every decision-maker is actively exploring how to harness their wealth of data to drive business development in a data-centric world. Challenges include identifying cost-effective data solutions and maintaining simple, manageable internal structures, as well as addressing specific vertical industry challenges like data analytics in manufacturing. This whitepaper sheds light on data analytics for manufacturing and large production facility operators. Read about successful strategies proven effective in Manufacturing Analytics, learn about valuable technologies, and gain insights into modern solution approaches, including best-practice examples from our data engineering workbench.
Whitepaper: Data Analytics in Manufacturing
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Key topics covered in our whitepaper:

Aspiring to become a data-driven enterprise is a common goal. Yet the manufacturing sector faces various challenges. Effectively integrating diverse data, managing both IT and OT data, overseeing data volume, and implementing an enterprise-wide analytics platform present considerable obstacles. We show strategies for successful implementation.


Benefits of Manufacturing Analytics

Numerous impediments faced by manufacturing companies on the path to data-driven product and process improvements can be solved at once with Lakehouse-based solutions, as enabled by the US technology leader Databricks, for example.


Processing, analyzing, and providing vast amounts of data


Connect any systems, devices, and data formats


Arbitrary manipulation and processing of data


Almost unlimited long-term data storage at low cost


Exploratory, iterative, and collaborative data analysis


Integrated dashboards and option to connect other BI tools

Data Governance

Cataloging and fine-grained control of data access

Solution Cases

Paradigm shift for Manufacturing Analytics: What does that mean?

We firmly believe that the construction of data intelligence platforms is both swift and cost-effective for contemporary manufacturing enterprises, given the inherent technological flexibility. The adoption of Data Lakehouse-based methodologies significantly streamlines and expedites data engineering processes.

Naturally, there is no universal solution for Manufacturing Analytics, as the landscape is diverse in terms of prerequisites, challenges, and financial considerations. It also depends on the company’s data maturity. Nevertheless, partnering with an expert who brings domain knowledge and implementation expertise, paves the way for a tailored data solution, ideally developed in collaboration. Ready to get started?

Whitepaper: Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Beyond the impossible: How enterprises navigate data silos, cost pitfalls, and complexity barriers in data analytics.

Whitepaper: Data Analytics in Manufacturing
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