Smart energy management with IoT software

Looking for a way to reduce energy consumption, save costs, and at the same time increase energy efficiency in your operations? Traditional energy management wouldn't make a difference. For a real breakthrough you need to link IoT data from your machines & systems with energy data and correlate those with electricity price & weather forecasts. Curious about the benefits and the impact of Optimizer algorithms? Find out more in our solution paper.
Solution Paper "Smart Energy for industry & buildings"
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In our Solution Paper:
This is possible using Smart Energy management on the basis of IoT-software.

Your benefits with Smart Energy solutions

Reduce energy costs
Increase energy efficiency
Optimize energy storage
All data at a glance
Smart algorithms
Use case

A leading German car manufacturer has set itself the goal of producing its vehicles with 40% less energy consumption by 2030. A model site is used to pilot how smart energy solutions can be used to achieve intelligent energy supply and control.


Device Insight’s cloud-based energy optimization systems enable IoT-based collection and analysis of energy and machine data, combined with weather and electricity price forecasts. The result: predictions and recommendations for smart energy management, clearly presented in the dashboard. Alternatively, the forecasts can also be transmitted directly to the machines and plants. By doing this, both better planning and more efficient rapid countermeasures for flexible, consumption- and CO2-relevant parameters can be achieved – entirely in the spirit of Smart Energy.

"Our Smart Energy solutions combine Device Insight's own IoT components, optimizer services, and cloud platform services. A first pilot can be implemented within 2 weeks, and an extended proof of value in 4 to 8 weeks."
Thomas Stammeier
CTO, Device Insight
Already using Smart Energy?

Learn from our automotive use case. See how your company too can start with a pilot in 2 weeks. 

Solution Paper "Smart Energy for industry & buildings"
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