How to become a Smart Vending pioneer

Whether in shopping malls, at train stations and airports, or in the office – the number of vending machines is on the rise. From a manufacturers’ and operators’ perspective, this is a promising business area offering completely new digital opportunities. However, there are also several technological challenges. Solution: Smart Vending. How can you set up a sustainable business model with intelligent vending machines? Read more in our whitepaper.
Whitepaper "Smart Vending"
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In our whitepaper:
This total turnover is generated by 4 million food and beverage vending machines in Europe annually.

Advantages of Smart Vending

Lower costs

through reduced service effort and improved performance of the vending machines

Higher sales

through new business models, IoT-based marketing opportunities and digital customer services

More satisfied customers

through direct interaction, feedback as well as intuitive usability of the vending machines and consistently high quality

Use Case
Costa Express

Costa Express has set itself the goal of offering premium barista coffee – for which Costa Coffee and its approximately 3,400 coffee stores worldwide are known – in the same first-class quality via its coffee vending machines. This vending concept is designed to offer customers a variety of 250 coffee to go combinations, selectable via touchscreen or app.


Technological basis of this new business model is the IoT solution developed by Device Insight, helping the company succeed in recording significant growth in recent years despite the pandemic. Costa Express is now able to operate its mobile coffee bars remotely around the globe and enjoy full transparency over the status and operation of its vending machines. All newly acquired knowledge regarding customer preferences flows into marketing and sales campaigns, as well as into product development, all enabling Costa Express to position itself as a leading coffee specialist and innovation pioneer vis-à-vis its competition in the long term.

"The IoT solution developed by Device Insight is a significant pillar of our growth in recent years and has quickly become the basic tool for our daily work. Thanks to the solution, we were able to increase the availability of the Costa Express coffee bars and significantly reduce service and maintenance costs."
Paul Borrett
Systems and Data Director, Costa Express
Our approach

IoT operations management &
Smart Vending from a single source

Flexible IoT framework by Device Insight
Hardware & connectivity by
Are you already using Smart Vending?

Learn from Costa Express’ example how you too can take your business model to the next level.

White paper "Smart Vending"
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