Fleet management for cleaning equipment

Large fleets of equipment used in complex areas such as airports make regular maintenance or tracking when lost difficult. In order to nevertheless maintain an overview of its cleaning machines at all times, Kärcher has developed the “Kärcher Fleet” fleet management solution together with Device Insight.
Case Study Kärcher
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In our case study:
The “Kärcher Fleet” IoT solution is used across the entire Kärcher range.

In a nutshell:
Kärcher fleet management

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“We chose CENTERSIGHT as our IoT platform. It is based on state-of-the-art technology, includes numerous ready-to-use functions, is secure, highly scalable, and customizable. With Kärcher Fleet, customers can be sure that they will receive all relevant information regarding their fleet in good time subject to their user profile.”
Dr. Friedrich Völker
Manager Digital Products, Kärcher

Manage machines and processes efficiently

Where is that cleaning device currently located? Is it ready for operation? Does it still have enough battery? Central questions that are difficult to answer remotely, leading to huge maintenance requirements. Kärcher’s efficient management of machines, but also of personnel, is ensured by the fleet management solution “Kärcher Fleet”. In the IoT portal, users can see the complete status of their machine fleet, matched to the respective fleet type.


How you benefit from fleet management

Condition monitoring
Alert in the event of a fault
Machine localization
More efficient utilization
Lower failure rates
Reduced maintenance effort
What do you know about your fleet?

Find out now how Kärcher has succeeded in better coordinating its cleaning equipment, protecting it from misuse and theft and increasing the availability of its machine fleet.

Case Study Kärcher
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