Augmented Reality – raising IoT and smart services to a new level

Munich – At Hannover Messe 2018, Device Insight will, for the first time, present the application possibilities of augmented reality using smart glasses and tablets. This new service connects on-site technicians to remote specialists, combining IoT platform data with on the spot live footage. A perfect example of the practical implementation of this year’s fair’s motto: Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate.

Device Insight at Hanover Fair 2018

“Moving the World of IoT” is this year’s motto for Munich IoT pioneer Device Insight for its appearance in Hanover. Visitors to the fair can see for themselves what this involves from April 23 to 27: At the KUKA stand, Device Insight, together with its partner connyun, presents how technicians in production or plant buildings can connect with experts using smart glasses and tablets. Machine and plant data are recorded and transferred to experts via live stream who can then provide concrete assistance with maintenance and disruption work without being themselves present. The experts are able to observe the situation “through the eyes” of the technician. They can send back images and edited screenshots from the live stream for the technician to navigate. Not only can maintenance personnel’s problems practically solve themselves thanks to audio-visual remote support but also the specialists are spared costly, time-consuming travel.

Technicians can observe plant health

Smart service can do a lot more: It allows the inclusion of machine data, delivering the technician additional context-sensitive operation information from the IoT platform during inspection. Like a head-up display in a car, the technician has a permanent virtual dashboard on his smart glasses or tablet, displaying information just like on a driver’s windshield

“After the success of human-machine interaction seen with the advent of smartphones and tablets, mixed reality applications are definitely seen as the next big trend,” explains CEO Reinhold Stammeier. “Our new application can link the Internet of Things with augmented reality, thus optimizing maintenance and repair processes. This generates genuine added value for our industry customers through lower maintenance costs and higher availability and productivity of machines.”

Internet of Things as a basis for new business models

The augmented reality and remote service features are embedded in the IoT platform CENTERSIGHT NG, operated on the Microsoft cloud platform Azure. The platform is used particularly by mid-sized companies to implement intelligent IoT services and, according to the Fraunhofer Institute, belongs to Germany’s leading IoT platforms. It supports open standard protocols such as OPC UA and is compatible with almost all IoT components. Specific protocols can be easily deployed by Stream Connectors in CENTERSIGHT NG, as used in existing installations.

Device Insight’s IoT platform therefore supports all companies who cannot tolerate downtime. It also enables the fast launch of IoT services through a variety of modules including Device management and predictive maintenance. Since all data streams are recorded, managed and prepared for analysis, CENTERSIGHT NG offers an ideal basis for new business models and services.

Meet Device Insight’s experts at the fair – in person and in live demos. We look forward to seeing you in Hall 17 / Stand G23. Get your personal free ticket for Hannover Messe 2018 here.

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