CENTERSIGHT NG available on Microsoft Azure

Munich IoT platform provider takes advantage of Microsoft Azure. Device Insight will operate the new, fourth generation of its IoT platform, CENTERSIGHT NG, on the globally available and highly scalable Microsoft cloud platform, Azure.

Microsoft Azure

CENTERSIGHT NG on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform brings Device Insight’s customers huge benefits, in particular its good scalability. This is of special benefit to customers who need to adapt their IoT services flexibly to peak loads, as resources required within the Cloud adapt automatically. It also allows Platform as a Service (PaaS) such as Azure IoT Hub and Azure Machine Learning to be integrated in order to reduce costs and simplify the management of applications or services.

Another customer benefit is the global availability and geo-redundancy of Microsoft Azure. No complicated installation in an additional data center needs to be planned if a customer expands abroad or even on another continent. The platform can be extended to include a further site so traffic does not need to be routed over long distances. This reduces latency, improves performance and increases failure safety. Scalability, PaaS and the Microsoft Cloud Platform’s geo-redundancy increase CENTERSIGHT NG’s performance and efficiency.

Faster time-to-market

An additional advantage for the customer is the faster time-to-market, resulting from CENTERSIGHT NG’s multi-tenancy concept. “It is important to our customers that their IoT projects pay for themselves quickly”, explains Paul Martin Halm, Device Insight’s Head of Product Management. “That requires a fast time-to-market. We can realize this by working together with Microsoft and running Azure. This infrastructure means we can implement CENTERSIGHT projects faster than ever before and flexibly connect hundreds of thousands of IoT Devices. We also use the Azure IoT Suite as a valuable addition to our own software components in CENTERSIGHT NG.”

“It is our mission to support companies in their digital transformation with our safe, flexible and scalable cloud and data services. The intelligent use of IoT technologies is a key factor for successful digitization of business models in all sectors. By integrating CENTERSIGHT NG and Microsoft Azure, our Microsoft Partner Device Insight offers its customers innovative IoT solutions optimally geared to their individual needs and desires” says Gregor Bieler, General Manager One Commercial Partner Organization and member of Microsoft Deutschland’s executive management.

Azure provides Device Insight with a powerful cloud computing platform, secured by Microsoft’s Trusted Cloud principles: security, privacy, compliance and transparency are paramount. These principles for the use of public cloud environments are elemental in the Internet of Things.

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