CENTERSIGHT NG unifies IoT platforms and protects customers from nasty surprises

“Get New Technology First” is the promise of this year’s Hannover Messe (24 to 28 April). With this in mind, the Munich-based IoT expert Device Insight presents the further development of its IoT platform: CENTERSIGHT Next Generation (NG). Enhanced functionalities will allow customers to accelerate their time-to-market for big data and machine learning services. To do this, CENTERSIGHT NG makes increasing use of micro-services and open, flexible communication standards such as OPC UA or MQTT. Visit Device Insight at the Bitkom stand (Hall 6, K01) to learn about these innovations as well as security features.

The increasing networking of machines and equipment opens up new opportunities for value creation, an insight which gave rise to CENTERSIGHT NG. This IoT platform captures and manages all data streams before preparing them for analyses which can then be used to build new business models, e.g. predictive maintenance services. Doing so offers industries which cannot afford unplanned downtimes opportunities for considerable savings. Examples include machine and plant engineering, building technology, vending, connected products and energy management. In such areas, CENTERSIGHT NG supports rapid market deployment of IoT services thanks to its integrated micro-services, as well as automatic notifications and locating of mobile devices or remote services.

The right protocol for every situation

Device Insight has leveraged its experience gained from numerous IoT projects to further develop its CENTERSIGHT IoT platform, which is now in its fourth generation. The objective was to enable faster time-to-market for new services and business models, with less effort. Making numerous micro-services available in CENTERSIGHT NG is just one building block of this strategy: another is the increased use of standard protocols such as OPC UA. This open communication standard is compatible with almost all IoT components and works seamlessly with large cloud providers. In addition to OPC UA, many other standard protocols such as MQTT and CoAP are supported. Oher protocols, which may already be in use in existing plants, can simply be linked to CENTERSIGHT NG using stream connectors, making it a lot simpler to install and configure the platform.

“Our IoT projects with medium-sized and large enterprises from diverse industries have helped our customers achieve quick successes,” says Marten Schirge, Vice President of Sales at Device Insight. “We have established new technologies in the market and are taking the logical next step with CENTERSIGHT NG. Device Insight has been recognized as an ‘Industry 4.0/IoT Leader Germany’ twice in succession by analysts from the Experton Group, a position we can only maintain by continuously developing our portfolio. Thanks to our profound understanding of industry sectors, we always have our finger on the pulse: we know what our customers need and can help them succeed with their new projects. We use our know-how to assist companies in finding an entry point into Industry 4.0, helping them identify new customers and markets.”

The new features and services of the CENTERSIGHT NG product are scheduled for release in autumn 2017.

Visitors to HMI 2017 who want to learn more can find Device Insight at the Bitkom stand K01 in Hall 6. 

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