Data Analytics – the competitive factor of the future

The advance of digitization is making data an essential asset of a company. However, this data only generates actual added value for those companies that are in a position to generate concrete insights, conclusions and forecasts from their data treasure trove. Data Analytics is therefore becoming the crucial competitive factor of the future. For this reason, the Information Services Group (ISG) evaluated the offerings of 77 service providers and solution providers in this area. Device Insight was awarded “Leader Germany” in the field of Industrial Analytics & Automation Platforms. The study’s strategy paper shows which components digitization comprises for industrial companies and the central importance of analytics platforms. It also provides a compact overview of the various providers in the field of Data Analytics.

ISG Strategiepapier Data Analytics
Strategy paper "Data Analytics Services & Solutions"
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Data Analytics

Data as the basis for new services and business models

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a digital change. New customer requirements are leading to changes in competition parameters. Proximity to the customer and their changing demands, fast innovation and responsiveness as well as flexibility to process individual requirements even in very small batches are decisive differentiating features. As a result, manufacturers are increasingly becoming service providers who no longer only offer products, but also services based on the Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) concept.

The prerequisite for the successful digital transformation of the business model is not only in-depth knowledge about the company’s own production, but also knowledge about the use of the products. Here, the use of sensors and data analytics serves as a basis. It is therefore not surprising that the digital networking of products and components and intelligence via data analytics are at the heart of the manufacturing industry’s digital transformation. In addition to Product-as-a-Service, orchestration of the ecosystem in production is central to product development in order to provide important insights into product applications, experience and resilience.

Data Analytics platforms as drivers of digitization

In this development, IoT and Data Analytics platforms become the central control element and the technological basis for aggregating and analyzing data in a meaningful way as well as deriving insights and forecasts from it. On the one hand, these platforms are designed to meet the general needs of the company. On the other, they must be geared to the dedicated requirements of individual industries. That’s not all, many market leaders from German medium-sized companies are generally so highly specialized that they develop their own tools to cover their own requirements. Industrial Data Analytics platforms must also be able to prepare the best possible data streams from the machines for these cases in order to control production flows, logistics chains and maintenance intervals.

Leader in the field of Industrial Analytics & Automation Platforms

The current “ISG Provider Lens – Data Analytics Services & Solutions” takes this increased importance into account. A total of 77 service providers and solution providers from the Data Analytics sector were scrutinized and evaluated based on their product range and competitive position. With its IoT platform – CENTERSIGHT Device Insight was awarded “Leader Germany” in the field of Industrial Analytics & Automation Platforms. Decisive factors here were above all the many years of industry experience as well as the high flexibility and simple user guidance of the IoT platform.

ISG strategy paper Data Analytics

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ISG Strategiepapier Data Analytics
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