Connected Cars: Internet of Things on wheels

Connected Cars are no longer a fantasy of the future, they are now reality. They ensure safety and comfort and provide vehicle information. However, Connected Cars are only as good as the IoT solution behind them, which alone transforms data into added value and service.

MIND Connected Car Smartphone in Car

Connected Cars or connected vehicles are vehicles that can communicate with other vehicles and their surroundings using information from built-in sensors. Data on the vehicle and its driving behavior as well as on environmental conditions such as traffic jams, road damage or weather can be exchanged. For example: You go shopping or take a weekend trip. A connected car could warn you of dangers such as aquaplaning or black ice because other vehicles noticed a few miles earlier that their tires had lost grip – sending that information to all other vehicles nearby. With such a data-as-a-service solution, connected vehicles help drivers. There’s more: They enable a completely new way of traveling – for example, in a smart camper van.

On the road in the Smart Caravan

A good example of this is the Smart Caravan from the Erwin Hymer Group. Here, all components such as heating, lighting and refrigerator can be controlled intuitively via an app. Device Insight provided the technological basis for the HYMER Connect app with an IoT platform solution that intelligently links its own IoT components with Microsoft Azure services. In this way, a secure and scalable digital solution was created, and the smart camper van was born. Multi-user functionality is included so that all passengers can benefit from its advantages. New applications can also easily be added to the Smart Caravan – that’s just as true with features for users as it is for caravan rental companies.

Hymer Connect App
A smart home on wheels, intelligent condition monitoring and simple fleet management for motorhome rental companies: all provided through the IoT solution developed by Device Insight in cooperation with HYMER.

Fleet management with IoT

In addition to providing a convenient user experience, connected cars also make life easier for fleet managers, always knowing where fleet vehicles are, monitoring driver behavior, when fuel is running low, or when the next service is due, simplifying the management of large fleets. Dutch mobility provider MIND has also recognized this and, in collaboration with Device Insight, has launched the MIND smartbox for Connected Cars. For around 155,000 vehicles, Device Insight’s IoT platform solution takes over data evaluation, ensuring greater vehicle safety and a 14 percent reduction in fleet costs.

MIND Connected Car Laptop
Based on a smart IoT platform solution from Device Insight, the MIND smartbox provides complete transparency over a fleet in real time, improving handling, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs – and lowering CO2 emissions

Data as key to the mobility of the future

The connection between vehicle and user or between vehicle and operator – these are two sides of the same coin, namely that of a mobile future. Both are based on data that must be collected, processed and evaluated to provide real value. The right IoT solution can do just that. This means that connected car data is, in a sense, the gateway to the mobility of the future – and IoT solutions are the key. The full potential of Connected Cars, Smart Caravans and any type of connected vehicle can only be unlocked with the right IoT solution.

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