Device Insight is “Leader Germany” in the field of Industrial Analytics & Automation Platforms

Munich – Device Insight is one of Germany’s top providers in the field of Industrial Analytics & Automation Platforms. This is confirmed by the current study “ISG Provider Lens – Data Analytics Services & Solutions” by the Information Services Group (ISG). The Munich-based IoT specialist was able to achieve this above all thanks to its many years of industry experience and the flexibility and simple user guidance of its IoT platform CENTERSIGHT.

Industrial Analytics

As digitalization progresses, data becomes an essential asset. The mere collection of data, however, does not provide any concrete added value. Only the ability to aggregate and analyze this data and to draw from it new insights and conclusions can truly unfold the full potential of a company’s own data. The development of these skills and the selection of suitable partners therefore represent a central competitive factor in the future.

On a par with Bosch, Siemens and SAP

In its market overview, the Information Services Group (ISG) therefore evaluated 77 service providers and solution providers in the field of data analytics in a total of six different categories based on their product range and competitive position. Device Insight, with its IoT Platform CENTERSIGHT, was awarded “Leader Germany” in the field of Industrial Analytics & Automation Platforms and is thus on an equal footing with industry giants such as Bosch, Siemens and SAP.

Industrial Analytics
Device Insight is “Leader Germany” in the field of Industrial Analytics& Automation Platforms.

“Device Insight offers CENTERSIGHT, a highly professional and feature-rich analytics platform for manufacturing applications that can be easily integrated into existing IT structures,” the study’s authors concluded. High flexibility and simple user guidance of the IoT platform, as well as Device Insight’s many years of experience with the requirements of industry, were rated as special strengths. In this way, turnkey solutions based on CENTERSIGHT can be combined with individual customer requirements.

Development of know-how in cooperation with customers and partners

The Industrial Analytics & Automation Platforms division comprises solutions and databases focusing on the processing of industrial machine and plant data as well as the analysis of large, complex and unstructured amounts of data – a field that is steadily gaining in importance due to a multitude of innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0.

“We recognized industrial analytics as a central topic for the future at an early stage and have steadily expanded our expertise in this area in recent years. The basis for this success was our work on concrete application cases in areas such as Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance and Anomaly Detection together with our customers and in cooperation with strong partners from industry. We are very pleased that this know-how has now been confirmed by the ISG study.”
Reinhold Stammeier, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von Device Insight
Reinhold Stammeier
Founder and Managing Director of Device Insight
ISG strategy paper Data Analytics

Curious to learn more?

In the strategy paper you can learn more about the ISG study “Data Analytics Services & Solutions” and the importance of data analytics.

ISG Strategiepapier Data Analytics
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