IoT survey 2019: Device Insight impresses with strong customer value

Device Insight belongs to the top IoT platform providers in the recently published “IoT Survey 2019” from market researchers teknowlogy Group. The survey is the first of its kind and is based on feedback from over 2,000 users – proof of the strong customer value created by Device Insight’s IoT solution CENTERSIGHT.

IoT Survey 2019
IoT Survey 2019
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IoT Survey 2019

In the Internet of Things environment, there are many studies regularly analyzing IoT platform providers’ solutions. Up to now however, something has remained missing: the customer’s point of view, in other words, users of the IoT platform. This is precisely what the current “IoT Survey 2019” took on board. Over 2,000 IoT platform users were surveyed for this, the first study of its kind, including developers, system administrators and project managers.

The assessment was based on a total of 24 KPIs. Providers were in turn divided into eight different peer groups, according to region and company size (mid-size, large) as well as focusing on device development, device management, application implementation speed and analysis. A total of 38 platforms came under user scrutiny.

The result: Device Insight belongs not only to the leading mid-sized IoT platform providers in EMEA but is also able to hold its own against giants such as Google, Microsoft or Bosch SI in the reference group focusing on device management.

32 top rankings for Device Insight

Thanks to its platform CENTERSIGHT, a leading IoT platform in the B2B environment, Device Insight made it all the way to the top in four categories: twice in the category “Business Value” (Peer Group EMEA IoT platform vendors and mid-sized enterprise IoT platform vendors) as well as in the “Visualization” category (EMEA IoT platform vendors) and “Efficiency” (Device management-focused platforms). 

Device Insight can distinguish itself from the competition, especially in the aspect of business value. The authors of the survey reported:

“Across all the relevant peer groups, the company’s IoT platform, CENTERSIGHT, is ranked as a leading IoT platform in terms of overall business value. Device Insight is able to deliver such value to its clients, based on its key competence: the company is a total IoT solutions provider, who can look back on 15 years of experience in the IoT/M2M space.”

Device Insight was placed amongst the “Leaders” in 28 further categories, in other words, within the top 25 percent of a peer group, including top rankings for Flexibility, Efficiency, Innovation, Customer Experience, Timeline (time-to-market), Pricing Model, Product Satisfaction and Partner Ecosystem.

A positive result throughout

The teknowlogy Group provided Device Insight with an all-round positive report:

“The strong points of CENTERSIGHT primarily revolve around accelerating success through higher business value. Return on investment on the product is considered very good. Besides, the platform is rated as easily accessible and as a tool providing support in meeting the business objectives, offering valuable visualization capabilities and, overall, a strong customer experience post-implementation. This favorable rating can be attributed to Device Insight’s experience in the IoT market and their good understanding of what their customers need to make the most of the provided services and products.”
Study authors: teknowlogy Group
IoT Survey 2019


Find out who are the top players in the IoT environment are and get an overview of how the most popular IoT platforms are performing.

IoT Survey 2019
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