Connected Car: The key to mobility of the future

What does a Connected Car solution have to do with smart fleet management? A lot. Based on a smart IoT platform solution from Device Insight, mobility provider MIND provides complete transparency over your fleet in real time, leading to improved driving, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs – as well as lowering CO2 emissions. All insights can be found in our case study.
Case study MIND
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In our case study:
Deployment of the Connected Car solution in MIND's own vehicle fleet alone revealed a savings potential of 14% in maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

Benefits of an intelligent fleet

Reduce fleet costs

Consumption and driving style data is collected, aggregated and evaluated in the IoT platform, intuitively determining where there are opportunities for savings.

Digital logbook

Seamless data collection by the MIND smartbox flows into a reporting system that is equivalent to an electronic driver's logbook which can, in turn, be transmitted directly to tax authorities.

Better handling

An economical driving style, as suggested by a Driver Score, not only benefits tire and brake condition, but also increases car safety in general.

Keeping an eye on the fleet

From fuel consumption to current location. From braking performance to engine oil pressure. Fleet operators receive a complete insight and overview of their fleet at any time via the IoT portal of the MIND smartbox. Automatic reports, geofencing and proactive maintenance are included.

The new driving age

On the road, information from the IoT-based MIND smartbox can be viewed via a mobile app. In the MIND app, drivers receive all data relevant to their vehicle, such as fuel level, trip schedule, but also error messages and information about upcoming inspections.


More innovation through connected fleets

Connected Car solutions are considered Big Data generators par excellence. The IoT-based MIND smartbox, which has been installed in 155,000 Dutch cars, has collected sensor data over a total distance of 4.5 billion kilometers within a year and a half. With the knowledge gained, the costs of a fleet of vehicles can be significantly reduced. All facts & figures at a glance.

"Thanks to Device Insight, we were able to design our Connected Car solution to our exact specifications and fully deploy the MIND smartbox in just 12 months. Device Insight‘s flexible IoT framework covers numerous requirements by default, enabling a very fast time-to-market."
Peter Verhoeven
Senior ICT & Security Architect, MIND

Features of the Connected Car solution

Driver Score
Onboarding of heterogeneous fleets
Shop appointments via app
Preventive Maintenance
Condition Monitoring & Alerting
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Learn from the example of MIND how you can make your vehicle fleet smarter to save maintenance and fuel costs, increase car safety and better utilize your vehicles.

Case study MIND
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