How production and logistics processes are becoming smart

RAFI, a global component manufacturer, enables industrial companies to quickly and easily digitize manual processes themselves. But how? With a sophisticated combination of networked lights, switches and a smart IoT solution from Device Insight. Read more about the realization of a retrofitting approach in our case study.
Case Study RAFI
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In our case study:
Thanks to the digital dashboard, you can always keep an eye on the most important key figures and the status of production.
Use Cases

How are end customers benefiting?

Quality control

A manufacturer of sensor products and electromechanical components has digitized quality inspection of manufacturing islands on a KPI basis. For this purpose, input from the test device is transmitted to the IoT portal.

Material supply

A manufacturer of hydraulic presses and electric press drives has made material transport in production more targeted and efficient. Interruptions are minimized by the IoT solution.

Waste logistics

The application at RAFI shows internally how to optimize waste management on demand, saving time and costs thanks to an IoT-based solution.

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The most important features

Analysis tools & benchmarking
Digital twins
Automatic alerting
Asset management
Role and rights model
Digital twins of production equipment on a virtual shop floor plan.

Retrofitting at the touch of a button and IoT

To help companies across all industries visualize their analog manufacturing workflows with the simplest of tools and take production efficiency to a new level, RAFI has developed a universal solution with the support of IoT specialist Device Insight: KIS.ME – KEEP IT SIMPLE. MANAGE EVERYTHING. At the heart of the retrofitting approach is an intuitive and flexibly configurable IoT portal named KIS.MANAGER. Here, ready-made IoT components were combined with suitable Azure IoT services and extended by services in the front-end framework designed specifically for RAFI.

"Together with our partner Device Insight, we succeeded in building an IoT solution ideally suited to our requirements within a very short time, forming the core of our retrofitting suite KIS.ME. Our KIS.ME customers achieve great savings in production and are enthusiastic about its easy handling."
Moritz Futterer
Head of Product Management & Product Marketing, RAFI
Smart retrofitting

Learn from the example of RAFI how processes in production and logistics are digitized with a SaaS solution – without years of development and escalating costs.

Case Study RAFI
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