The Internet of Things: The key to fast and secure customer support

German mechanical engineering is known worldwide for first-class products. Made in Germany is still considered a predicate for highest quality. But in the digital age, the focus is shifting away from the pure product and towards additional digital services and features. The Internet of Things opens up completely new options for companies to deliver added value to their own customers and at the same time differentiate themselves from the competition. Krones AG’s example shows how a classic machine builder uses the IoT to offer its customers fast and reliable customer support, while at the same time boosting efficiency.
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The lines of Krones AG, a leading manufacturer of process, filling and packaging technology, are expensive capital goods. Failure of a machine can result in high financial losses. This makes it all the more important to offer customers fast support and to identify and eliminate the causes of failures in the shortest period of time. The magic word for this is remote service, i.e. the remote monitoring and control of machines and equipment. Together with Device Insight, Krones has developed a central tool for the remote service of more than 20,000 machines worldwide. The IoT platform CENTERSIGHT served as the technological basis.

Legal compliance, transparency and speed

Krones AG generates 80 percent of sales abroad. In order to offer clients worldwide an effective and efficient remote service, a central platform for access control to the individual machines was required. Moreover, the platform should also provide on-site support for the engineers during the comissioning of new machines. The main criteria: compliance with ISO certification, legally-compliant documentation and thus the legal protection of remote service employees as well as transparency and control for the customer.

Above all, remote service via the IoT platform enables much faster and more effective customer support. Thanks to the IoT platform, there is no longer any need to send a technician on site in the event of a problem, or technicians can be sent specifically to the customer after the type of fault has already been clarified via the remote service.

IoT enables win-win solutions

Smart Production Krones

The example of Krones AG clearly shows that the introduction of an IoT solution does not have to serve a single purpose. According to the IDG study “Internet of Things 2019”, cost reductions and efficiency gains are still at the top of the list of goals that German companies associate with the IoT. The development of new services and customer potential as well as higher customer satisfaction are still regarded as secondary. This is a mistake, especially as these objectives are by no means mutually exclusive. The IoT platform has enabled Krones to create a classic win-win situation: faster and more targeted customer support leads to more satisfied customers. At the same time, the remote service offers enormous savings potential and avoids costly journeys to customers.

"With remote service via CENTERSIGHT, Krones is able to offer fast, simple, (legally) secure and targeted support. This allows machine downtimes to be minimized through rapid analysis and targeted problem solving."
Sebastian Oudes
Business IT Consultant, Krones AG

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