Intelligent automation with AIoT

Are you looking to boost the quality of your products, make your processes more efficient, reduce rejects and failures and increase profits in the process? If so, it's time for you to start on the path to the smart factory. But how? With our innovative combination of AI + IoT to Artificial Intelligence of Things. In 5 steps we will accompany you along the way to automating your processes intelligently. Read more in our whitepaper.
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Whitepaper "Artificial Intelligence of Things"
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In our whitepaper:

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AIoT creates value-added opportunities for companies to increase quality, efficiency, and revenue.


Your opportunities with AIoT

25% increased

through AI-based process and quality improvement using the example of a car manufacturer (source: IBM)

3-30% higher production efficiency

for quality control with AI using the example of an electronics manufacturer (source: IBM)

5-20% lower
labor costs

thanks to intelligent automation with AI + IoT = AIoT (source: McKinsey)


5 steps to becoming an AIoT pioneer

We accompany companies on their path to smart production. In a status quo analysis, we evaluate your individual AI and IoT readiness and develop a concrete use case that is applied and validated iteratively. All that remains at the end of the process is integration and scaling into your business landscape.

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Practical examples?

Read the whitepaper to find out how AIoT is used in various use cases to significantly increase quality and output.

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Whitepaper "Artifcial Intelligence of Things"
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