Remote service for filling lines

Facilities belonging to Krones, a leading manufacturer of process, filling, and packaging technology, are expensive capital goods. This makes fast and secure customer support all the more important. Together with Device Insight, the company has developed a centralized IoT tool for remote service of more than 20,000 facilities worldwide. Read more in our case study.
Case Study Krones
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In our case study:
The beer filling line from Krones can process up to 24,000 glass bottles per hour.

The most important features

Remote service
International access
Analysis & Troubleshooting
Asset management

Central access control

In order to provide effective remote service to customers globally, Krones was looking for a central platform for access control. Compliance with ISO certification and legally sound documentation were of particular importance. The solution: an IoT-based remote service platform from Device Insight allowing service technicians to connect to all facilities worldwide. All actions performed are stored in a tamper-proof manner in a database operated exclusively for this purpose.

"With remote service via CENTERSIGHT, Krones is able to offer fast, simple, (legally) secure and targeted support. This allows machine downtimes to be minimized through rapid analysis and targeted problem solving."
Sebastian Oudes
Head of Corporate Customer Operations, Krones AG
Customer support 2.0

How has Krones managed to provide global remote customer service for its 20,000 facilities? With IoT of course. You too can become a digital champion.

Case Study Krones
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