Device Insight best performer in Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things vendor benchmark

IoT and M2M expert Device Insight achieves top performance in Experton Group AG’s “Industry 4.0/Internet of Things Vendor Benchmark 2016”. The company is one of the few providers active in all six categories, with the fields of “Industrial Big Data Analytics” and “Industrial Big Data Visualization” awarded “I4.0/IoT Leader Germany”. In the category “Industry 4.0/IoT Consulting and System Integration, Automotive Industry”, Experton’s analysts see Device Insight as an upcoming “Rising Star”.
IoT Leader 2016

Top rating for range, quality and vision

Device Insight’s IoT/M2M platform CENTERSIGHT was evaluated, a system that supports machine-to-machine communication by networking machines, vehicles, facilities and devices. The company proved itself “Best Performer” thanks to its ability to hold its own in all six categories. The reason for this, according to Experton, is that Device Insight combines quality and breadth as well as demonstrating high portfolio-attraction in all fields: Range (breadth and depth of offerings), quality (technology/skill, USP, customer satisfaction, security), vision (product roadmap, thought leadership) and locality (product support, infrastructure).

Device Insight ranked top as “I4.0/IoT Leader Germany” in both the categories “Industrial Big Data Analytics” and “Industrial Big Data Visualization”. As stated in the Experton report: “Expert in this quadrant, by reference of its portfolio activity, is the Munich software company Device Insight. With its own products, it specializes in the visualization of industry processes. Experience and cooperation with application companies have granted the provider the best values in the assessment of the qualities of technology and thought leadership”. Device Insight has also proven itself as full service provider, focusing on the processing of industrial machine and facility data as well as analysis in the context of large, complex, unstructured data amounts. In the field “Industrial Big Data Visualization”, Device Insight has positioned itself through its consulting strengths, domain competence and authenticity. It was also positively assessed that the solution could not only evaluate machine data from several sources, but also visualize it and provide it accordingly with new insights for all involved.

Great potential for short-term further development

Device Insight’s classification as “Rising Star” in the category I4.0/IoT Consulting and System Integration, Automobile Industry” was granted by Experton thanks to the fleet management for commercial vehicles and construction machines on offer in the B2B environment. This CENTERSIGHT solution constantly measures operating data, e.g. a vehicle’s speed, consumption and usage behavior, and offers positioning and anti-theft functions (Geofencing).

“Although the IoT and Industry 4.0 market is still in its early stages, Device Insight has taken on a pioneering role as we have already completed over 150 projects with our horizontal IoT platform”, explains Reinhold Stammeier, Device Insight GmbH CEO. “In addition, as a solution and system integrator, we are a full service provider with an end-to-end portfolio. We are very proud to have our product CENTERSIGHT awarded three times and are delighted that our efforts have been substantiated in such a major study.”

Arnold Vogt, Lead Advisor I4.0 & IoT at Experton, adds: “Device Insight is a true IoT specialist and pioneer who has achieved an outstanding position in the I4.0/IoT Benchmark 2016 and stood up to branch leaders such as IBM and Microsoft.”

Unterstrichen wird das mit den Worten von Arnold Vogt, Senior Advisor der Experton Group AG: „Device Insight ist ein echter IoT Spezialist und Pionier, der eine herausragende Positionierung in der 4.0/IoT Vendor Benchmark 2016 erzielt hat.“  Mehr über die Experton-Studie „Industrie 4.0 / IoT Vendor Benchmark 2016“ und der Ergebnisse erfahren Sie im dazugehörigen Whitepaper.

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