Device Insight develops intelligent software for KUKA platform iiQoT

One platform for all KUKA robots: Cloud-based software solution iiQoT maximizes the uptime of KUKA’s robot fleet. Functions and services such as condition monitoring, visualization and troubleshooting of robot systems become much more efficient with iiQoT. This platform solution, developed by IoT specialist Device Insight for KUKA, will be available from the end of 2021 and can be flexibly expanded and scaled according to its industrial application.

iiQoT Industrial IoT

The new KUKA iiQoT platform is paving the way to the smart factory for companies. As a leading provider of IoT platform solutions, KUKA subsidiary Device Insight was in charge of implementing the intelligent software. This is an end-to-end digitization project for the parent company, and its successful implementation is due in no small part to the agile cooperation between the two companies.

Dashboard Screenshot aus KUKA iiQoT
At the core of the IIoT platform KUKA iiQoT is the Asset Manager. Here, master data on hardware, software and control are managed. Robots can be searched and found using different criteria via a filter function.

Modular software architecture for numerous industrial applications

To meet different industrial requirements, the KUKA iiQoT cloud solution features a modular structure. Key functions include asset management, fault detection and remote monitoring of robotic systems. Users receive a compact overview of all relevant status and operating parameters of their networked robot fleet. Data can be viewed transparently and precisely for each line, cell, or individual machine. hould maintenance be required, this can now be determined remotely and converted into a service order at KUKA.

It is also possible to display in specific clusters, for example for robots with an operating system that needs to be renewed or a specific motor temperature, thanks to the complex filter function. Users can also check the security status of their robot fleet at any time to see, for example, if up-to-date security technology packages are running at all installations. In case of deactivation, a notification is sent to the users.

Full IIoT potential – no security concerns

The topic of safety played a particularly important role in the development of KUKA iiQoT. Since plant networks are usually not connected to the Internet for security reasons, Device Insight integrated a specially developed software solution into the platform: The Cloud Connector. With this, data is transferred from the robot to the cloud via the IoT protocol MQTT. To ensure the highest level of security in cloud connectivity, the connector uses Microsoft Azure functionalities, including automatic software updates and security certificates, renewed daily.

„Our goal was to develop an IIoT platform that was as secure as it was highly available and scalable, while at the same time keeping cost of ownership as low as possible. To do this, we have integrated a number of services from Microsoft Azure into KUKA iiQoT. This has allowed us to fully contribute not only our core competence in the area of Connected Machines, but also our expertise as a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner to the project.“
Thomas Stammeier, CTO bei Device Insight
Thomas Stammeier
Managing Director and CTO, Device Insight

Agile collaboration between KUKA and Device Insight

„However, the agile teamwork between KUKA and Device Insight was crucial to our joint success.” Stammeier continues: “The tight integration between the project teams and the solution-oriented approach has tremendously accelerated the progress in developing this powerful IIoT solution.”

Thanks to the expandable, modular architecture, new features can be added at any time to the KUKA iiQoT software-as-a-service solution. Indeed, the first add-ons are already planned. In the future, integration of digital KUKA services such as the KUKA Xpert knowledge database should provide additional added value.

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